Tuesday, June 14, 2016


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So is blockbuster online game from Korea is WildStar has officially opened for free on the popular game distribution system Steam. Of course, the Viet gamers can easily join games without problems. Earn to die 

The step foot on the Steam system is one of the new development direction of WildStar to entice more new players, in order to escape reality is this game is ' dead ' in a way very quickly. According to statistics on about may, sales of the game horribly low, only about 1.2 million in the first quarter of 2016, rising 1/2 compared to the 4th quarter 2015 and 1/50 compared with ' antiques ' Blade and Soul.

If the successful release on Steam with some of the new changes, so can WildStar will escape from this dreary situation, stay away from death and continue to give gamers the essence of ourselves as eye-catching graphics, innovative gameplay and rich ...

WildStar officially opened for free on Steam, Free gamers to easily participate In WildStar, players will be joining on 1 of 2 power to scramble the mastery of the planet Nexus. The game introduced to the player character class 6 and 8 races. Depending on which race you choose to participate at first, players will be starting his journey in different lands.
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