Monday, June 20, 2016


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Even the way the character under control first, move with the buttons A, W, S, D, basic attack with left mouse, use a skill by the buttons Q, F, E, right mouse ... well almost identical to Overwatch. Earn to die

Of course, Paladins also have the distinct features of skill, character map, the recoil of guns, or the character's belongings. Song on basic gameplay, the 2 products are extremely similar and apparently gamers can be realized only through a few gameplay videos.

The reality for comparison of or bad between 2 this game is very difficult and yet to be confirmed. But before the big pole in the same category, how to play, then the game player not have conditions to buy key Overwatch can play ' references ' play Paladins, make sure to still give gamers the MOBA hot shooting, the fluid-filled high-paced action and endless fun when combined with teammate beat rivals , win.

In addition, according to the reveal of the NSX, the Paladins will also officially open in 2016, this completely free, gamers won't have to wait long to ' pass ' current closed beta phase.
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