Wednesday, April 20, 2016


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En garde - It's time for an eccentric, 2 players, fencing medieval battle royale! Turnaus is a fun and competitive, street fighter style, skill-based action game 1 and 2 players that you engage in a sword battle between two energy levels knight teacher - with the ultimate goal of bashing down the door of the castle your opponent in order to achieve the objective, and simultaneously capture the flag of your opponent! Earn to die

Reasons to play softly, sword fighting game based on the arcade: playing with friends, classmates or family members in a battle one-on- one where quick response and tactics are key. Bring out your competitive nature when you try to use your body weight to your opponents to crash the castle is open . See more: Undiscovered Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Easter egg is a knockout

Strategy to win: You can't gain entry to your opponent's castle unless you force the enemy knight to fall repeatedly against his own door. This means you must try your best to be constantly on the front foot. Defensively, try not to be pinned back toward your own door, use good strategic moves such as jumping and changing direction. Try to fool your opponents, and force them to miss with their sword swipes. Remember that in any battle, you need bucket loads of determination and stamina in reserve to see your way through! Practice builds skill!