Monday, May 30, 2016


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Recently, Sloclap and Devolver Digital has introduced their game online their extremely unique named Absolveer, will be released in 2017 coming on Steam. Earn to die

 In the game, the player will have to hide themselves under a mask layer, forget myself is who to participate Absolveer organisation to maintain balance throughout the world. The special thing is that people will choose the school fight with their limbs or melee weapon like sword, knife ...

Gamers will take a lot of time to martial training in Absolveer, of course comes with the ability to attack, evade, complete countermeasures in real time. To mature their skills requires the player to have a extremely fast response, and ' read ' intended to attack, the opponent's moves.

Absolveer also allows you to customize the character's abilities from skill to attack weapons, boxing style and especially the type of combo to knock down the opponent.

The game has enough of the PvE mode, pass the final dungeon difficulty, great martial arts abilities of its peak to destroy the enemy. However, as many have martial arts game for other high resistance then Absolveer cause any full of incredibly fascinated with PvP regime that they introduce. You can hit the account will be charged, or team vs team according to their preferences. 
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