Monday, July 11, 2016

Tree of Savior

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According to the latest announcement, blockbuster online game Tree of Savior will officially open server dedicated to many neighboring countries as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on 1/6. The players here are downright excited when there was a private playground as well as escape from the phenomenon of lag, delay when playing in the server. Earn to die 5
This is really the good signals when the Publisher of the Tree of Savior is very importance to Southeast Asian markets and it is likely those countries have participated as gamers Vietnam and Thailand will also be opening an own server cluster service in the future.
Since May 10, online game, was named blockbuster Tree of Savior has been officially opened for free. the first highlight the Tree of Savior still come from the background beautiful, eye-catching graphics with pretty style ... unique. Movement of the characters in the game are care should be pretty smooth, flexible. The skill also has a beautiful, eye-catching effect. The sound system was designed, creating the feeling of excitement for players when fighting or melodic background music while in the special area. Earn to die 6
Tree of Savior was build in the style of the world open (Open World). Therefore, the map in the game are rather large and detailed design. In particular, in the process of moving on the map, the player can discover and defeat the Boss to increase achievement points for ourselves as well as money and material things.
Fighting in the mechanism Tree of Savior is the combination of both target and non-target. However, most of the players will only need to click the mouse on the target, and then press the action is character will automatically attack without fear of being miss. Even, some skill is also self-directed available quite convenient, players also do not need to click the mouse facts correctly.

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