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Zombie Strike

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Zombie Strike is a mobile game in 2D shooting category Tower have science fiction themes are developed and operated by the company Yingxiong Entertainment. Games world context mining future Apocalypse, arranger based on the content of a complete series of the same name, same style of design art, and launched several creative gameplay mechanisms in point shoot zombies usually helps players get to experience the fun and great time mail storage on your phone. earn to die

Games use combat mechanism is the TPS, the player's main character will stand on the left side of the screen with a series of defensive works and we can build in order to prevent the invasion of zombies and display a variety of Monster variations. Characters will not be able to move around that can only change the direction to shoot only in combination with the use of some form of special weapons such as grenades or bombs, or rather the bullets instead of weapons, is generally the way the operation is so simple mainly fast hand-eye is a bit faster.

In an image design, Zombie Strike has built 2D graphics with animation properties. How to build character and the context must say is very unique, detailed visual and interesting personalities, was sympathetic to the experiences, more zombie systems or enough form the enemy also looks very cheerful. During combat, the characters have smoother movements, sound effects and photos of each type of firearm be made good, when the enemy die, they fall to correctly splashed with streaks of blood on the ground is very suitable to the context and the subject. Blade and Soul

In addition to playing Tower and shooting through each screen, the game has added extra special systems and endless mode, challenging, and also enhance the better strategy. Besides the PVE system, the game also has both the PVP allows players to control the presentation of zombie hordes to attack other players, and the players also need to prepare defenses for its headquarters in good to others to fight. By the growth system, players can be promoted to defensive work, research and culture for his zombie form becomes more effective in combat.From 14 April, Zombie Strike has officially gone on the stage to open the door to unlimited testing on the Android platform in the Chinese market.



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