Friday, July 15, 2016

Pixel Cup Soccer 16

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Right from the name, you can already read the section would imagine being out in the top Soccer Cup 16 Pixels is a game like? This is a game about the sport of Kings, where the player takes control of his team, led in the League cup with the Pixel painting famous team all over the world. Join the game, you will be welcomed in the dramatic battles and fiercely. Earn to die 5

Not too flashy and modern with 3D graphics like these forums you like Fifa or Pes on mobile, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 was somewhat himself when inspired strongly from the standard four-button style go ahead take players to the football atmosphere with temperature and have the opportunity to relive the time of the glorious past. Earn to die 6

The virtual control system with the press quite familiar on the screen helps the players can run, jump, overcoming obstacles, to kick off a pretty interesting way. Besides, 2 key chains and shot also changed the function soạc and pirate painting ball if your player does not control the ball.




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