Friday, June 3, 2016

Fantasy Chronicles

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With the ability to "transform" as Songoku, Fantasy Chronicles will surely bring the player to a mobile immersive 3D game quality. Earn to die

Reportedly, Fantasy Chronicles is a 3D mobile game MMORPG fantasy themes have been released by the company Vstargames. This is one of the strongest impression products in the Chinese market now has the English version of the global common for users to easily experience without language barriers.

Fantasy Chronicles set in Western mythology through a beautiful graphics platform to deliver great experiences as soon as soon as the player just glance touch game. Is a role-playing game "standard" not so content going into the storyline, Fantasy Chronicles full force focused on creating gameplay "hoeing", looking for armed struggles and conquests, a.
Developed, the game also gives the player 4 layers main occupation the same pretty much compelling content for gamers to explore and experience. Each character has a fighting style and separate controls, operation of variation according to each situation.

Graphics in Fantasy Chronicles bright tones easier to see, the characters were designed in the style of 3D cute cute and incredibly special is still attractive. Besides, the effect of driving the same impressive ability to accumulate his fancy usually only appear in the game now will do the unexpected with a player RPGs like Final Fantasy Chronicles.

The most recent issue of dehusking heavily on making the intervention of Cash-shop not too important in Fantasy Chronicles. By if want your character becoming the count more leaders need to take a lot of time doing all the mission to promote, increase the experience index as well as collect rare equipment needed. In the game world is very large which allows gamers to go farm the heck in anywhere and at any time.

Besides the frenetic brute skills bring unparalleled strength, Fantasy Chronicle also allows the character to "transform" Songoku monkey-like. At this time, the entire index of strength of character be advanced along the beautiful appearance, even supported by a "pet" to fight AIDS. However, the time to "transform" will be limited, so that the player must take advantage of this for most reasonable before everything returned to normal as initially.

The gameplay system of Fantasy Chronicles has many rich content in both PvE and PvP aspect, players can engage in a side with more difficulty, or proceed to increase the position on the chart, opening up the State Assembly, discover the pet system, ... All the interesting features in the game will surely satisfy any gamers would first experience.
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