Friday, April 8, 2016

Time Clickers Online Game Review

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If you look at the recent most popular games on sites like Kongregate and such you'll see a clear and surprising trend. This is that idle upgrade games are king currently. I guess it started really with Cookie Clicker (there were idle games before but Cookie Clicker really made it viral). Now there are so many idle games it is impossible to check them all out...and honestly who would want to. They are fun and addicting but very few branch out and the only difference between most is the graphical theme. Earn to die 5

However, Time Clickers by Proton Studio stood out to me. You are basically surrounded by 3D cubes that you click to shoot at. Shoot them enough and they blow up and give you cash to spend on upgrades. Of course this is an "idle" game so you can buy guns that shoot the cubes for you. In terms of the upgrade tree of Time Clickers I would say it is still fairly generic. I guess what stood out to me is the graphics (Time Clickers is developed in Unity giving it a nice 3D feel) as well as the fun that comes with physically clicking and shooting the cubes. However, that part goes away real quick as the automatic guns you can buy shoot the cubes much better/faster than you can so you are stuck just moving your mouse around frantically to collect the cash. Overall I like the idea behind Time Clickers and like that it is slightly different but it still falls into the pile of hundreds of others that all feel the same. Earn to die 6

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