Friday, April 8, 2016

Vegas Takes Tips from Mobile Gaming for Millennial Market

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Vegas is coming back into vogue for young people as more and more millennials are making the city a top vacation destination. The only trick now is learning how to get them to play once they arrive. Although tourism is going up and skewing younger, the number of those newcomers that are playing at the casinos during their stay has declined. Now, casino owners are looking to appeal to the younger generation with a new strategy that takes its cues from the ever-increasing popularity of the mobile market and casual gaming. Earn to die 5

Las Vegas Sun reports that Senate Bill 9, which would allow video-game style gambling, was unanimously approved by an Assembly Judiciary Committee on May 8, 2015. This ruling is a major step in the loosening of restrictions on electronic gaming in Nevada and could signify the beginning of a new era of casino gaming.
In recent years, the famed Riveria has attempted to make some headway into the millennial market. According to this page, they did so by providing themed machines incorporating such franchises as "The Lord of the Rings," "The Hangover," and "Sex and the City" but it has become clear from the continuing decline of patrons and the shuttering of the once legendary casino that gamers need more than a new coat of paint to pique their interest. Earn to die 6 
Getting through to the new generation is key for the future of Vegas and an exciting time for the gaming industry with new technology and strategies changing the game for the casino. It was reported in 2014 that gaming technology giant Bally Technologies (the world's oldest slot-machine manufacturer) was planning to purchase Dragonplay (an Israeli developer of mobile slots, card games, bingo and more) for up to $100 million.

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