Friday, April 8, 2016

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest Flash Game Review

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Earn to die 5 After the first 2 installments of this classic, we over at Hacked Arcade Games are very excited to have the chance to review and present Sentry Knight 3: Conquest. This series started off strong with the original Sentry Knight then improved game play to release Sentry Knight 2. Now the overall game has been given a huge redesign and awesome new format. Things have evolved and you’re now a highly-skilled ancient marksman with a powerful rifle, and you must head out to explore your lands in search of a faceless evil trying to mount an invasion

Earn to die 6 Just as the format of the game has evolved so has the story line and you’re now able to follow your Marksman character from being handed a mysterious map by the High Council, all the way to the journey’s end, where you stop the nasty faceless villain from invading your country! Take on each of the quests and battle your way through hordes of bad guys in the many levels. The format is totally different from the previous two, as you now walk freely around levels, armed to the teeth, fighting waves of enemies that come from every angle. The bad guys come in many forms – from armed skeletons to worms that pop up and shoot you from beneath the ground!