Friday, April 8, 2016

Epic Boss Fighter 2 Flash Game Review

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A long time ago I reviewed a game called Epic Boss Fighter. At the time I did really enjoy it but wasn't overly impressed (I mean I still gave it an 8/10) due to it being very similar to another recent flash game at the time. However, now the sequel is out, Epic Boss Fighter 2, and it made me realize how well done it really was and how much improved this new sequel is. Earn to die 5
If you don't know the premise of the Epic Boss Fighter series or didn't read my review on the first basically it is a boss rush type flash game. There are 10 or however many unique huge bosses and you battle them one at a time in a top down shooter fashion. Beat all of them and you win. Of course each boss gets harder and harder which is where a fairly extensive upgrade system comes into play. Essentially you fail a lot in order to get money to purchase upgrades to eventually win. Earn to die 6

With that being said Epic Boss Fighter 2 takes the formula up a notch. The upgrade system is vastly improved with tons more upgrades, more choices, consumables, etc. In addition I thought the bosses this go around are a lot cooler and more unique which they already were pretty awesome in the original. For instance you have a fight where you need to shoot the boss' minions in order to create an explosion to down the main boss' shield, a spider boss that eats flies to heal unless you shoot them first, a boss battle where you can rescue people who then become your allies, etc. As you can see Entertainment Forge really made the battles unique and fun to play this time around. All in all, Epic Boss Fighter 2 is one epic game.

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