Friday, April 8, 2016

Big Dig: Treasure Clickers Flash Game Review

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When I hear the developer name MouseBreaker I immediately think of another Sports Head game like Sports Heads: Football or Championship and for the most part those are the types of games MouseBreaker makes. Those games are incredible in their own way and I always find myself addicted to the new ones when they come out. Earn to die 5

Riding off the popularity wave of incremental/click based games a la Cookie Clicker and such Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is in that same vein. I will say that Big Dig: Treasure Clickers seems a lot more interactive than most incremental upgrade games and as such I found it obviously more engaging but also more addicting. The idea behind Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is simple. You search plots of dirt in a dig site in search for treasure. Find treasure, get money, upgrade stuff to do it better. The upgrades here consist mainly of an automatic dirt searcher and hiring underlings to help as well. Of course you can then further upgrade those with individual stats as well as your own clicking power. Earn to die 6

I suppose in the grand scheme of things and looking at the genre Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is then Big Dig: Treasure Clickers isn't all that unique. However, it is the feel and look of it all that really impresses me. Big Dig: Treasure Clickers manages to create a larger world even though it is so simple and it also makes me a lot more engaged and interested in all the different facets it has to offer. All in all Big Dig: Treasure Clickers may be the first game from MouseBreaker that may actually break my mouse.

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