Friday, April 8, 2016

Doodle God Blitz Flash Game Revisit

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One of my very first reviews four years ago was a new flash game that just blew my mind. Little did I know that it would come to be one of the most popular games for mobile devices in later times and spawn multiple spin offs and clones. The game I am talking about is Doodle God. Since I reviewed the first flash version of Doodle God, the game has taken some big steps. As I mentioned it was ported to mobile devices very successfully where it has been vastly improved. Many spin offs have also occurred including Doodle Devil, Doodle Kingdoms, and Doodle Creatures. However, compared to my original review of Doodle God back in 2011 it is hugely different and I just wanted to revisit it a bit and highlight some of those changes. Earn to die 5

A big change is the inclusion of a world map. The world starts out relatively blank and as you discover new vital elements such as grass and swamps and such these things are visually added to the blank world. At the end you'll have a vibrant world with all your achievements displayed. There are also added ages. I think back when I originally reviewed Doodle God there was only maybe the first three ages which spanned basics, technology and modern day. Since then a new one has been added; Magic. Also keeping things interesting, they have added quests and puzzles where you utilize your element combining knowledge to solve them. Now if you load up Doodle God Blitz you'll notice one more thing, especially if you're used to playing the mobile game. There is no energy requirement! You can play as much as you want without stopping or paying for micro-transactions. This is great news and an obvious right choice especially in the flash market. Now, I'm not really sure what brought on JoyBits uploading Doodle God Blitz to Kongregate and making it energy free...could be a marketing ploy before they release Doodle God 2 but we'll see. Either way the Doodle God series is one of my favorites and you should check it out. Earn to die 6

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