Friday, April 8, 2016

Give Up 2

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Want to play a game and become incredibly frustrated? Or try one that is so hard but keep pushing yourself to eventually win? Then you need to check out give up 2. I reviewed the original Give Up a while ago and I liked the concept a lot. Sort of has a Portal feel to it I guess. Now the second is upon us with even more frustration and snarky computer voices. Earn to die 5

If you didn't play the original I'll give a quick rundown on how the Give Up series plays out. Basically it is a fairly typical platformer first. You go from point A to B without dying to spikes, missiles, etc. Each level however adds upon the same basic level. So each floor will add a new obstacle. Either a new wall to jump over, more spikes, a laser beam, etc.
Earn to die 6

From there the premise is not to "give up" in frustration all the while the computer is being snarky and telling you to give up. That is all that Give Up and Give Up 2 really is. However, it is a fun quick concept of a flash game to play and this time around the levels seemed more inventive with better graphics. Basically if you like platformers of any kind give up 2 a try. 

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