Friday, April 8, 2016

Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt 2

Post oleh : Candy Sim | Rilis : 9:30:00 PM | Series :

Alright, I know they're cute, but this ninja infestation is getting out of hand. I keep finding mini monkeys everywhere! It's time to track down even more of them in PencilKids' point-and-click puzzle game Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt 2, where, once again, you've got to track down the 30 mini monkey ninjas hidden in each of the game's three stages, all while keeping your eyes out for clues as to unlocking that *~mysterious~* puzzle box on the main screen. Earn to die 5

Even if you haven't played a Monkey GO Happy game before, the controls are simple. Just click to interact with things, and drag items from your inventory at the top of the screen to wherever you'd like to try using them. As usual, Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt 2 is cute, fun, and designed for players of any age or skill level to enjoy, though it does occasionally expect you to know when to use items in places it isn't immediately obvious you would need to. Round up those monkeys, crack open that box, and then help me figure out where they're getting in from so we can seal up the cracks and I can stop finding these tiny ninjas in my socks and cereal boxes! Earn to die 6

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