Sunday, April 10, 2016

Duck Life 5

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Duck Life has taken the internet by storm, so it’s no surprise that Duck Life 5 – Treasure Hunt  has also become highly popular among children and adults alike! This installment includes many new aspects of the game, including an arcade adventure gameplay style, more customization options, and impressive graphics and storyline. Test your skills in this action packed adventure, Duck Life 5. Earn to die 5
The Storyline
After your duckling has won the world championship, defeating the fire duck’s reign, the Volcano has become dormant. This has become quite an opportunity for treasure seekers young and old all over the world, including you! Travel back to the Volcano lands and explore the volcano’s caves in search for valuable buried treasures.
Customization Options
At the beginning of the game, you can select from a variety of free customization options, including changing your ducks eyes, hair, tattoos, color, hats, and clothes. As you begin your adventure, you will see a wide variety of shops, including a hairdresser and a clothing store! Earn gold by exploring the caves, then spend that gold in the shops to purchase new equipment, pets, and further customize your duck! Earn to die 6
Pet Shop
The pet shop houses many new and unique pets that you can purchase to help you throughout your cave explorations. Each of these pets offer different abilities – some may protect you from harm, while others may attack enemies before they have a chance to harm you!
Hairdresser and Clothing Stores
Are you tired of the same old look? Want to spice things up a bit? Then check out the hairdresser and clothing stores! These stores are packed with a large selection of hairstyles, colors, clothes, and accessories that your duck is sure to love.
The Cave
Now that you have purchased all of the handy tools, pets, and accessories that can help you throughout your adventure, it’s time to explore! The cave includes three challenges for you to complete. As you progress through the cave and complete various challenges, new challenges will be given to you. 

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