Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cuti’s Diner

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Cuti’s Diner is a game where you have to help Betty serve customers in the restaurant. The game is very similar to the penguin diner including the game controls used and how the game proceeds. When the customers or cutis arrive at the restaurant, you can click on the customer and then an empty table to seat them at the table.  Once the customer is ready to place an order, the cuti will wave. You have to skate to that table and click on the customer or the table to take the order. Earn to die 5
Once you take the order, the food will be delivered at the food counter. You have to remember the orders and deliver the food correctly to the corresponding tables. Speed is essential to win this game and to proceed to other levels. If a customer is not served within time, the customer will get angry and leave and you will lose cash as the food has to be thrown into the Trash. Earn to die 6

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