Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Alien Prison Break

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Alien Prison Break - Help our children escaped from prison through overcoming various obstacles. Remember the "Alien Discipline" original game loved teaching children where young foreigners some outdated land discipline? Well, after they found out, shocked parents of children of foreigners to file a complaint to the Galactic foreign government for the so-called "abuse of foreigners' children, and the poor child was arrested and put on trial and sent to a maximum security prison then! earn to die

At the moment, Nanny sits in a cold cell but she knows in her heart that she cannot abandon her mission – to discipline those badly-behaved alien children. She is going to complete her ultimate goal at any cost, and she needs "Your" help right now to break out from this prison. Can you help her escape so that she can stop the aliens (and their awfully behaved kids) from conquering the world? Let's hope so - good luck Space Cadet! Turnaus